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London Feminist ~


Why Londonfeminist?

Well, I’m a feminist, and I’m in London.

I’d got that far. But what’s the point? Aren’t there enough feminist blogs?

There can never be too many. And anyway, this is London-specific, mainly. Behind it is the London Feminist Network’s forum, which is a women-only members-only discussion forum.

That sounds like a coven.

We mostly talk about politics, cake and the overthrow of the patriarchy.

Back to this blog: isn’t it a bit audacious to use the name londonfeminist? Do you think you speak for all feminists in London?

Obviously not. Feminism isn’t a single hive-mind theory. There are almost as many types of feminism as there are feminists: conservative feminists, progressive feminists, liberal feminists, radical feminists, socialist feminists. We all agree that we want equality for women, but we don’t always agree on how to do it. So no, I don’t speak for all London feminists – I don’t even speak for any one of those groups. But I got to the domain name registration first.

Can other people post here?

Of course. If you want me to publish a guest post, contact me on admin {at} londonfeminist {dot} com.

Can you tell me more about yourself?

I’m a full time lawyer, an armchair politician, activist, wannabe writer, talented grinker, forum administrator, involved in LFN, the UK Feminist Legal Group and Reclaim the Night.

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