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Kachingle is a platform for application vendors to cooperatively bundle their apps,
co-market to their combined user bases, accept micropayments, and offload subscription billing.
Our developer site is now open for exploration, integration and discussion!

Kachingle in 12 Minutes | App Vendor Demo | Bundling Demo | Enterprise Edition

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What is bundling and
how can it increase my app's revenue?

Bundling is a way of selling your app in conjunction with those of other developers. With built-in cross-promotion, you gain a much larger, combined pool of users. With Kachingle’s flexible platform, you choose from multiple bundling options to maximize conversions to paid users.

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How do I integrate my app with Kachingle?
Show me the API!

Integration is simple and fast. The API is available now for web apps in PHP and Ruby, and mobile is in development. Ready to peek behind the curtain at Kachingle's API documentation, downloadable API calls, and demo apps?

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I have questions -- give me answers

Try the live demo apps, check out the API Documentation, browse the developer FAQ — or contact us directly. We're gung-ho to help!


What does it cost?

No upfront cost! Transaction fee applies only when your app makes money. And Kachingle’s simple, easy integration includes subscription billing, so there's no need to run your own payment processing.

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Why visitors and freemium users will become paying subscribers

Smart - Save money

Bundles heavily discounted compared to buying individual apps.

Simple - Instant access to premium features

After signup app premium features available with one click.

Fair - Pay only for apps you use

Only the apps you use get your cold hard cash.

Easy - Single sign-on and payment

One subscription with one username and one password.

Flexible - Start/stop any time

Monthly commitment only. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.

Individual - Be social or private

Effortlessly share the apps you use. Or keep it a secret - shhh.

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